Work-Life Balance In The Midst Of This Season: An Alumna’s Perspective


As we’re now in the midst of the holiday season, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about work-life balance. It’s definitely a popular phrase in today’s culture. Yet, I wonder if many actually adopt such a way of living. Do you engage in work-life balance? After over twenty years of being a social worker, being blessed with periods of “time off” at home, completing my master’s degree, and changing the course of direction for my career, I have learned (sometimes the hard way) how important it is for me to strike some balance in life.

The past six years have brought a different way of living. I have learned to look through multiple lenses of perspective and have been intentional in abolishing my former stance on compartmentalizing my life. I no longer draw such dark lines between the roles I have in my life (freelance writer, student, wife, mom, and so forth). I suppose my age has something to with this new take on life (I’ve lived long enough to hopefully have gained wisdom and perspective and learned to let go).

As a consultant, I have the privilege of working from home or local coffee shops (with WIFI). I also try to work on my own writing among client projects. I find it a daily challenge to balance work responsibilities, deadlines, other life commitments, and self-care.

When I get overwhelmed, I literally look up. It’s a simple and profound action. When I look up, I automatically breathe deeper. I look around and start naming all the things I’m thankful for. I have the luxury of taking breaks when needed (I acknowledge that not all do and your break may be a brief mental break intentionally thinking about something other than your work). I stretch my legs, go for a walk, or write a quick note to a friend.

Our society pushes us to excel, to work numerous hours, and possibly to misplace our priorities (we often put these pressures on ourselves). I wonder how you engage in work-life balance. My observations of those who do engage in such a way of living is they seem to have more joy and are willing to share it with others. These are my musings, as the holidays seem to bring on even more “busyness.” May you strike balance in your day and throughout this season.

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