The Wide Range of Directed Studies at SDGI!

Directed Studies at SDGI!

Is There Ever a Place Where Learning Happens Without Human Presence? Relational Learning, Third Space

The Circle of Mentoring and Learning

A Learning History of a Forest-Based Nature Study at Quadra Elementary School

Socially Engaged Art / Social Practice; A Performative Inquiry into the Role of Art, Artists (And Me) in Designing Learning Communities.

Self Praxis: What Practices Can I Explore, Use, and Adopt to Re-Integrate Myself and Maintain a State of Harmony, Balance, and Wholeness?

Social Research Methods

Emergent Conversations for Learning, Leadership and Life

Envisioning and Founding a Learning Community

Special Education Course by SelfDesign: A Meta-Reflective Consideration

How to Be an Empowering and Engaged Leader

Exploring Heart Intelligence in Philosophy and Practice

Creating School Culture: Natural Learning Relationships-Whole-Child Development, School Culture, and Working with Parents

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