WEBINAR: Truth and Reconciliation with Annie Smith

WEBINAR: Truth and Reconciliation. What does it mean for you? What does it mean for me? with Annie Smith Sunday, February 12, 4PM PST  – REGISTER NOW! 

truth and reconciliationCanada and the US share a history of cultural genocide, and in many cases, physical genocide perpetrated against our Indigenous hosts and treaty partners. In 2015, Canada completed a Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the legacy of the Residential Schools that brought forward ninety-four Calls to Action, four of which are focused towards Education. These Calls to Action | Truth and Reconciliation and the Principles of Reconciliation provide a foundation for how we can move forward as educators and human beings to acknowledge our complicity in the ongoing racial discrimination against Indigenous peoples and to offer ourselves as allies in our responsibility to embody reconciliation.

In this webinar Annie will speak about her own reconciliation journey and offer some of the discoveries she has made as she chooses to be an ally to Indigenous friends, colleagues, students, and strangers. She will invite participants in the webinar to offer some questions, observations, and experiences.

“There are two passions that I have had since my early years – creating community and creating theatre. I first started to connect the two when I worked on a First Nations reservation on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was while working at Ittatsoo that I began to connect community to place and to the Indigenous belief that the land knows you when you belong. It was also working there that I was introduced to using theatre as a way to bring awareness to community issues such as child abuse and neglect and the attending legacies of the residential school system and the practices of colonialism.” – Annie Smith 

Annie is teaching three courses with SDGI: LC 516 Creating Community in the Classroom through Participatory Learning, LC 517 Performing Truth and Reconciliation, LC 518 The Spectator as Performer Learn more here! 


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