WEBINAR: Nature-based Play as an Essential Medicine for Human Health and Development

WEBINAR: Nature-based Play as an Essential Medicine for Human Health and Development with Hilary Leighton
Sunday, March 12, 4PM PST  – REGISTER NOW! 

By our very natures, we are embedded and inextricably linked to our larger worldly home. It follows then that when we are disconnected, all beings suffer on a physical, social, emotional and mental level. Untethered play in nature acts as a pathway to illuminate our innate vitality, invite our natural creativity and lead us toward our powers, proclivities and passions that reconnect us to our authentic selves, our true natures. We will explore how unstructured, nature-based play as eco-therapy is a vital component for children’s health, development and wholeness and discover the ubiquitous physical benefits of outdoor play that helps this medicine “go down,” deep down toward possible and lasting therapeutic change and transformation. Along this path, guides are required.

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Hilary Leighton, MEd, PhD, IBP, RCC was co-creator of Get Outside: It’s In Our Nature conference in 2008 (with keynote Richard Louv), which was the impetus for the Child Nature Alliance of Canada of which she is a founding director. She was also part of a small passionate group who started the first nature kindergarten in BC to deliver Ministry curriculum hosted on the campus at Royal Roads University where she is currently Director of Individualized Studies in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies. In this role, Hilary assists graduate students in finding their unique and individual pathways toward a personalized degree and meaningful future employment. In addition, Hilary teaches in a number of areas at RRU and beyond – in public programs through Continuing Studies, as guest lecturer in a myriad of graduate and undergraduate programs, as associate faculty in the MA Environmental Education and Communication and the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development, and as co-teacher with Dr. Duncan Taylor in his fourth year undergraduate environmental program. She supervises both graduate and undergraduate students in terms of directed studies, major projects and theses. Often she is called upon to lead Open Space and café type dialogue sessions for select groups and campus-wide at the university and within the community.

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