WEBINAR: Design Your Own Masters Program

SDGI residency 3WEBINAR: Design Your Own Masters Program, with David Marshak
Sunday, February 26, 4PM PST  – REGISTER NOW! 

At every step in the life cycle from early childhood to elderhood, we can lead and design our own learning through spirals of discovery, introspection, integration, and expression. This is the central insight that guides our engagement at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. The SelfDesign Graduate Institute provides a learning environment where each learner can engage in her/his own process of selfdesigning her/his learning—and life—with the support of colleagues and faculty mentors.

In this webinar David Marshak, the program’s Academic Dean, and two of the learners enrolled in the program currently will explain the program’s invitations and opportunities and answer your questions.

David Marshak is the founding president of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. David was intuitively led to explore the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, and Hazrat Inayat Khan more than 35 years ago. He found that these three spiritual teachers articulated a common vision of human nature, unfoldment from birth through age 21, and the parenting and education needed to nurture the evolution of consciousness—and documented this in his book, The Common Vision: Parenting and Education for Wholeness. David has also written about Evolutionary Parenting, where he explains how this common vision connects with Spiral Dynamics and offers interviews about conscious parenting with seven families, including parents and their adolescent/emerging adult children.


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