WEBINAR: Awareness through the Body (ATB) with Margo MacLeod

WEBINAR: Awareness through the Body (ATB) with Margo MacLeod, Sunday, March 19, 4-5 PM PDT 

In this free, one hour webinar we will explore Awareness Through the Body (ATB) as a way to expand consciousness, explore our different planes—mind, vital/emotional, energy and physical bodies—and integrate these around our in-most being. As a practice it is engaging, experiential, comprehensive, and accessible to children and adults alike. Margo will engage participants in several explorations that will give them a taste of what ATB can offer. Register for this webinar!

Margo MacLeod, MA, PhD is a teacher of Awareness Through the Body at the Whole Life Learning Center (5 to 14 year olds) in Austin, TX and Co-Director and Consultant of Awareness Through the Body USA. She is also a faculty member of SelfDesign Graduate Institute, currently offering the course:

SD 538: Awareness through the Body (3 credits)
Learners explore the fundamentals of Awareness Through the Body (ATB) through reading, personal experience, and bringing what has been learned into a setting beyond the classroom. Readings are primarily from the book Awareness Through the Body by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. Personal explorations of basic components of ATB take place initially through directed activities during scheduled class times. Learners deepen and extend these initial explorations through continued personal practice, reflection on that practice, and, for most, teaching, using, leading, and/or sharing ATB activities with children or adults and reporting on the results of that sharing. In lieu of using ATB with children or adults, learners may chose to write a research paper, create a video, or do some other creative project on some aspect of ATB.

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