Three SDGI Learners Publish a Paper in Transformative Dialogues

Deb Martens, Laurel Tien, and Erin Woodford have published a paper in the journal Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal. The paper is entitled Intersubjective Knowing: An Innovative Model in Graduate Level Course Design. Read their paper here! 

De Quincy (2000) argues that the study of consciousness within Western science and philosophy is polarized between “investigations of third-person, objective correlates and investigations of first-person, subjective experience and phenomena”; there is a paucity of second-person models (intersubjective, or relationship-centred) in Western approaches to consciousness studies. This logically follows into education; as 21st century learners evolve, the learning needs evolve. The challenge in graduate study programs of post-secondary institutions can be to progressively innovate in order to attract professionals while providing a learning community of collaboration and engagement in a virtual world, as well as an opportunity to self-author their own learning experiences. This article follows the journey of three learners engaged in individualized, self-created courses (directed studies) resulting in a collaborative final project.

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