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free webinars for lifelong learning

FREE Webinars For Lifelong Learning

Learn With Visionaries In Leadership, Education and Social Evolution Join any or all of these FREE, one hour conversations with visionaries in the fields of education, leadership and social evolution. Join using your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. January 22, 4-5PM PST Manifesting Language as a Field of Energy in a Poetry-Reading/Writing-for Wellbeing with Anna Soter  […]

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Ba Luvmour

Online Mini Course | Development, Consciousness, and Self Knowledge

Development, Consciousness, and Self Knowledge with Ba Luvmour This course is for everybody. Understanding how consciousness unfolds in us awakens self-knowledge. We engage our world free from objectification. We see our own childhood clearly, as well as that of the children in our life. We learn that interacting with children is mutually beneficial. We heal […]

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NEW! Online Mini Courses offered by SDGI

Each mini-course includes three 90-minute, online classes with the faculty mentor. Classes are small, with 3-9 participants.  Mini-course fee: $275, due prior to the first class.  Your mini-course will be scheduled when 3 participants enroll and will be organized to best fit YOUR schedule. Mini-courses do not earn credit toward graduation at SDGI. However, if […]

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