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Joyful Weekend 2018

Joyful, Emergent and Collaborative: SDGI’s Pre-Residency Weekend A Huge Success!

August 11- 12, 2018 witnessed a historic event at SDGI. This weekend served as a reunion, collaborative visioning and planning session, and a celebration for the entire SelfDesign Foundation Community. It was the perfect embodiment of SelfDesign’s commitment to powerful, co-created learning. The gathering, on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, included representatives […]

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Enki Education

Free Webinar | Education Depends on Integration of Self and World with Beth Sutton

Education Depends on Integration of Self and World with Beth Sutton Join us this Sunday, November 20 at 4 PM PDT for a free, one hour webinar! This webinar will introduce participants to the Enki Approach to nurturing the integration within each of us—and between us and our worlds—that leads naturally to a direct experience of spirituality.  

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Faculty Spotlight 1

Faculty Spotlight: Josette Luvmour and Ba Luvmour

The SelfDesign Graduate has a uniquely diverse and gifted faculty. Since our faculty mentors primarily connect with learners online, we have been able to engage faculty from every region of the US and Canada. Josette and Ba Luvmour Two of our faculty members, Josette and Ba Luvmour, live in Portland, Oregon. We are delighted that […]

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learning at SelfDesign Vancouver

Free Webinar | Education, Consciousness, Development, and Self Knowledge

April 17, 4 PM PDT: Education, Consciousness, Development, and Self Knowledge, with Ba Luvmour  Understanding how consciousness unfolds in us awakens self-knowledge. We engage our world free from objectification. We see our own childhood clearly, as well as that of the c0hildren in our life. As separation and confusion dissolve, education comes alive.  Emotional Intelligence […]

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Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes Paper in the JOURNAL OF UNSCHOOLING AND ALTERNATIVE LEARNING

Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes her paper: Children’s Integration Into Community Life: Opportunities For Meaningful Participation And For Developing Multi-Age Relationships “The integration of children into the daily lives of their communities, and engagement with adults in productive activities and shared endeavours, are two positive elements which have been previously overlooked in discussions of alternative educational […]

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conscious business

Webinar: Conscious Business – October 25

You are invited to a free webinar! Conscious Business w/ Renee Poindexter Sunday October 25, 4PM PDT In this webinar we?will review?business from an integral perspective: to include examples of ?conscious capitalism,??the reorientation of business focused solely on the pursuit of profits to one focused on core values of integrity, serving all stakeholders to include […]

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Fall Webinars from SDGI Faculty

SelfDesign Graduate Institute Fall Webinars Meet SDGI faculty! All webinars are free. October 25, 4 PM PDT?Conscious Business with Renee Poindexter The growing movement of social business entrepreneurs is becoming a powerful player in the national and international economy, providing a new framework that business can do well to do good. We will review business […]

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