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free webinars for lifelong learning

FREE Webinars For Lifelong Learning

Learn With Visionaries In Leadership, Education and Social Evolution Join any or all of these FREE, one hour conversations with visionaries in the fields of education, leadership and social evolution. Join using your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. January 22, 4-5PM PST Manifesting Language as a Field of Energy in a Poetry-Reading/Writing-for Wellbeing with Anna Soter  […]

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Directed Studies

Directed Studies this Fall at SDGI

At the SelfDesign Graduate Institute learners have the option of participating in a directed study, the learner will direct the study with the support of a faculty member of their choice. This Fall Semester we have the following directed studies underway: Bethany Beaudry and Julie Mann are both exploring the Reggio Emilia education model, mentored […]

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