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free webinars for lifelong learning

FREE Webinars For Lifelong Learning

Learn With Visionaries In Leadership, Education and Social Evolution Join any or all of these FREE, one hour conversations with visionaries in the fields of education, leadership and social evolution. Join using your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. January 22, 4-5PM PST Manifesting Language as a Field of Energy in a Poetry-Reading/Writing-for Wellbeing with Anna Soter  […]

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Free Webinar | Evolutionary Parenting with David Marshak

Evolutionary Parenting with David Marshak Join us this Sunday, October 30 at 4 PM PDT for a free, one hour webinar! In this webinar David will explore the concept of evolutionary parenting, in particular how the consciousness that parents bring to their parenting can enhance the evolution of consciousness in their children as their children grow through childhood […]

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Faculty Spotlight 1

Faculty Spotlight: Josette Luvmour and Ba Luvmour

The SelfDesign Graduate has a uniquely diverse and gifted faculty. Since our faculty mentors primarily connect with learners online, we have been able to engage faculty from every region of the US and Canada. Josette and Ba Luvmour Two of our faculty members, Josette and Ba Luvmour, live in Portland, Oregon. We are delighted that […]

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loveable parent

Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind Complete Their Final Project and Earn Their M.A. Degrees

Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind collaborated on their Master of Arts final project, planning and leading “The Loveable Parent” workshop. The workshop was offered in June and focused on: Deepen relationship alignment Uncover shared values Build meaningful connections based on values Identify family resonance (tone) and culture Uncover authentic family rituals Deepen individual self-awareness Take […]

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