Reflections from the SDGI residency

Anne Adams Reflections from Anne Adams, an SDGI faculty member and a member of the Board of Directors of the SelfDesign Foundation

August Residency, August 10-13, 2014: SelfDesign in Community
What a privilege to witness ?the designing of a self,? in community and in action.

Exchanges of energy, of selves expressing, weaving threads together to create new meaning, all inside of a space that was essentially ?empty of clutter,? so new futures could be generated? in community ??

There was an acknowledgment, spoken and often unspoken, of the unique contribution that each person present was making?.an opening and affirmation given to the distinctiveness in each human being ?sharing in the SDGI learning circle.

There are ingredients indispensable for food you never forget, a culinary treat that sends your spirit soaring?likewise there are elements of self-design that provide one with an experience over which one never gets.

Quality?of listening to and for one another, speaking authentically with appreciation and inquiry??.. Diversity of points of view and backgrounds invited to usher into our world a new level of consciousness, grounded in the experiences of each, and Creativity? the purposeful and imaginative interlacing of the ?self? designs into a tapestry of the SDGI present.

Thank you,

As a SDGI Faculty and Board member,

Belonging ?was my experience

Anne Adams

SDGI residency 2014

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