Organic Contemplative Inquiry – November 11th

10:00 AM PDT

curious women with camera

Is There Power and Healing in Curiosity? Curiosity Protects Us From a Locked Mindset.

Do you consider yourself a researcher?  If you ask questions, then you’re engaged in research.  Organic contemplative inquiry is a powerful method for “researchers” who want to go through their own transformative process in order to go beyond conventional qualitative inquiry methods.

Learn about this compelling inquiry process:

  • If you are willing to deeply listen, you can engage in this process.
  • Do you tell stories?  Telling stories is part of the foundation of this research method.
  • We are inundated with negative news, how can we change this trajectory?
  • Contemplative Inquiry is about creating more understanding about past and present situations.
  • Seeing others’ points of view may help you open your mindset and come up with possible solutions.

In this session, we will explore this method together in a mostly conversational format as we share our stories and experiences.  This is a great way to get an introduction to or explore this method further.

**This is part of our fall series of Cafe Connections.  These virtual gatherings are to honor authenticity and foster a free-flowing space for rich conversations.  Sign up to be sure to save your spot!

Join us for this evocative conversation October 28th at 10 a.m. PDT

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peter berg

Peter Berg

Peter co-founded non-profit organizations in New York City; educational leadership and teaching in public and private schools throughout the country; program startup and management of an environmental education program in New England; AERO representative for New Hampshire and community organizer; curriculum committee member and consultant to various startup and existing projects; founder of Education Transformation; holistic coach for adolescents and families, leadership coach and educational consultant.