Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind Complete Their Final Project and Earn Their M.A. Degrees

Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind collaborated on their Master of Arts final project, planning and leading “The Loveable Parent” workshop.

The workshop was offered in June and focused on:

  • Deepen relationship alignment
  • Uncover shared values
  • Build meaningful connections based on values
  • Identify family resonance (tone) and culture
  • Uncover authentic family rituals
  • Deepen individual self-awareness
  • Take responsibility for self and other
  • Find more effective ways to communicate, and
  • Heal past patterns of behavior.

Julia reflected on the project, “Overall, this project created a deeper learning for me about myself in my relationships and it challenged me. I experienced solid personal growth and was able to apply what I learned with and from Doree immediately to my life.” Doree commented, “We began this project with a collaborative plan. Being selfdesigners, we remained open to the possibilities. During the live workshop our open, adventuresome and loving stance invited workshop participants to join us and selfdesign too. In other words, we produced an open framework from which our participants could play and safely explore themselves within the context of parenting.”

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