Learners describe their experience in the Masters Program at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute

Learners describe their experience in the Masters Program at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute

Very rich! I have experienced learning in very deep and personal ways. I have pushed myself to learn and inquire beyond my expectations and have connected with mentors in what seems to be mutually beneficial ways. I believe that my learning in this area will not end with my degree, nor will the relationships I’ve formed in the process.

This has been one of the most enriching and rewarding educational experiences I have had. I would highly recommend the SDGI M.A. program to any person interested in a fulfilling and satisfying educational experience.

My experience has been deeply moving, enlightening and full of surprises on several levels; in terms of what I have learned in content, about myself as a learner and about what is possible when a group of educators and learners come together with an eye on what it means to engage in an evolved educational experience.

SDGI, the faculty, the core courses, other offered courses, my self-directed studies, and the administration have all exceeded my expectations. I have gained a deeper understanding of the SelfDesign praxis and methodologies, human behavior, human systems theories, various applications to creating learning environments that suit multiple learning styles, modes of learning, etc. I am now on a path of understanding humans and how they learn from infancy to death that has inspired me to create my own learning center and to continue researching how humans learn and in what environments do they learn best. My experience with SDGI has been invaluable due to the “direct experience” I have had that connects me to “what it means to be a self-directed learner.”

The process of drawing out my own potentialities while being guided by mentors resonates with the qualities of Integral Education! I feel blessed and

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