Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes Paper in the JOURNAL OF UNSCHOOLING AND ALTERNATIVE LEARNING

kristina leidumsKristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes her paper: Children’s Integration Into Community Life: Opportunities For Meaningful Participation And For Developing Multi-Age Relationships

“The integration of children into the daily lives of their communities, and engagement with adults in productive activities and shared endeavours, are two positive elements which have been previously overlooked in discussions of alternative educational approaches. Children, families and communities all benefit when children have regular opportunities to be embedded in the daily social fabric of family and community life, interacting across ages and generations. Interviews with families enrolled in British Columbia’s SelfDesign Learning program demonstrate how the opportunities possible for children who learn outside of school are broad, powerful and should be recognized as legitimate by anyone involved with children.” Read more here: Kristina Leidums paper. JOURNAL OF UNSCHOOLING AND ALTERNATIVE LEARNING Year 2016 — Volume 10 — Issue 19

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