Interview with Colin Fox | Experiential Learning and The Outdoors

” I have an idea and SelfDesign Graduate Institute is going to help me put that into action, and I am excited about how that is going to positively affect myself and my community.”

Colin Fox has been with the SelfDesign Graduate Institute for three years now working on his thesis. He is the founder of WE Expeditions, he lives in Southern Ontario and his passion is teaching and experiential learning. Colin Fox came the institute because he had an interest in taking his love of being in the outdoors and making a business. He didn’t quite know how to get there on his own, but he had the experience, the drive, the interest and the passion.

“After some years teaching at a variety of institutions and styles of teaching I was looking to broaden my horizons and deepen my path and I came across the SelfDesign Graduate Institute and it seemed like a good fit for me.”

What have you learned that has taken you to the next step of your contribution, your purpose, and how does that connect to your thesis?

I have run WE Expeditions now for I have done a great variety of activities and each year I have added more adventures, not only different locations but different activities and each time I have been able to bring that to my advisor and he has helped me find the support to be able to bring that forward in a professional manner and so for my final thesis what I decided to do is to bring that back to my home town and create a project that involved the wilderness in an urban setting.

What do you feel that this project, that is going to be the nucleus of your thesis, what difference will that make to the lives of your community?

That is the very exciting part, I am not quite sure how that is going to present itself but one thing that I have learned in my travels is when an area experiences a transformation where they come into a higher realization of the wilderness around them and how it changes their lives, it is powerful. Seeing that in lots of towns around North America, in Western Canada and in the United States, a big part of me wanted to bring that back to my hometown in southern ontario so the project for my masters is to take an urban waterway and put in some features that naturalize the way the river is suppose to be, post industrial era, and attract recreational activity in that waterway. I believe that is is going to affect the culture of the town and that is what really excites me.

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