An Indigenous-Inspired Leadership Journey: A Path Towards Resiliency and Possibility

Erin Woodford recently completed her SelfDesign Graduate Institute program with a creative and fascinating thesis entitled An Indigenous-Inspired Leadership Journey: A Path Towards Resiliency and Possibility.

This study includes qualitative research, auto-ethnography, to analyze personal leadership experiences and the process of working towards positivity rather than from negativity in life, family and work to understand the connecting relationships and cultural experience. The outcome is a qualitative research adventure positioned as symbolic interaction centered on auto-ethnography and Indigenous cultural correlation to leading life with passion and joy, leading life towards positivity with resiliency, realized through subjective and intuitive aesthetic reflection.

Indigenous Leadership is linked to the land and follows the idea that the land is connected to not only food but culture, spirit and identity. Indigenous Leadership encompasses showing respect and caring for others. It embodies the notion of being welcoming, open and inclusive to others. Within Indigenous Leadership there is importance placed upon developing collaborative relationships and consensus decision-making. The connection to earth is valued through the promotion of environmental stewardship. Knowledge and skill acquisition as well as resourcefulness to solve problems are important. Finally, serving and leadership round out the soul of Indigenous Leadership.

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