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conversationLearners in the SelfDesign Graduate Institute?s Master of Arts program are enthusiastic both about their experience in the program and what they have gained from their participation.

I am feeling so very privileged to be participating in a graduate program that suits me so completely! ?All that we have read, discussed and viewed so far is completely relevant to me and all that I aspire to do within the realm of learning. ?I deeply appreciate the opportunity to delve deeper into what it means to ‘self design’ and to begin to really synthesize what this can mean for our changing society. These are very, very exciting times and this program has me connecting with this reality daily.

Julie Mann


The Masters in Self Design is a study that is deepening my understanding of Self Design. And in taking that journey it is providing a supported container to deepen my understanding of myself in relation to my community, which is personally meaningful and satisfying.

Colin Fox


My SDGI experience thus far has been inspiring, uplifting, challenging, renewing and rewarding.

My colleagues — professors/instructors and classmates — have all offered challenging ideas in ways that support learning and have helped me in deepening my understanding of the principles of SelfDesigning while living, learning and working with consciousness and integrity.

The program delivery has been flexible and accommodating while remaining totally real and grounded in honest communication.

I am thrilled to be associated with such a life-enhancing program that directly informs my practice as a community member, learning consultant, parent, and human being.

Christiana St-Pierre


It is extremely exciting and gratifying to be developing my understanding of SelfDesign Praxis in its relation to some very enticing and forward thinking theories, stories and models which will serve to enrich my experience of my work with learners and the wider SelfDesign community. The first Core course, ?Modes of Inquiry,? has offered a comfortable forum in which to explore some exciting and thought provoking material.

Clarissa Tufts


The residency was an incredible experience of “SelfDesigning” at the university level: a flexible and emergent space where it was safe to experiment, explore, be vulnerable and completely accepted in a community. Together we are designing the Graduate Institute!

Rachelle Marsden


SelfDesign Graduate Institute August ResidencyI found SelfDesign through reading Brent Cameron?s book. After reading the first few pages, I knew that this resonated with everything I had been feeling and moving towards in my life. After researching online, I saw that the Graduate Institute was beginning, and I wanted to be a part of it. At the residency, I felt completely included in the community that we all helped to create within a few days of being with each other. The entire week was life altering for me. I have never felt such presence and love from so many at once. Through this community, we learned not only from the professors, but also from the experiences of one another, and the course work married the two beautifully. ?I am so grateful to have been a part of the residency.

Brandy Moorman

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