The First Core Course: SelfDesign Principles and Praxis

SD 500: SelfDesign-Principles and Praxis is Our First Residency Course

Learners begin in SD 500 before they come to our Residency by engaging in SelfDesign Praxis, an online introduction to SelfDesign, its philosophy and its models, including the SelfDesign Mandala, the Life Spiral, Life Phases, and the Learning Paragon.

The Residency takes in mid-August on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. It’s an intensive, exciting, and enjoyable week with a variety of activities, including the course SD 500.

SD 500 is an experience of SelfDesign, which offers discussions (1 on 1, small group, and large group), experiential arts, an array of activities including nature walks, trust exercises, and improv drama/skits, and reflective journaling. In all of this the focus is on the learner’s own knowing about how she/he learns best and what he/she wants to learn, that is, on the lived experience of SelfDesign.

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