Fall Webinar Series with SelfDesign Graduate Institute

Join the Fall Webinar Series with SelfDesign Graduate Institute Faculty. ?All webinars are one hour; all are free of charge.? Register now!

October 19, 7 PM PDT: David Marshak – Spiral Dynamics and SelfDesign

David MarshakSpiral Dynamics describes the evolution of consciousness throughout the history of homo sapiens to this date. SelfDesign suggests a process, a vehicle, for nurturing the evolution of consciousness.

David is the founding president of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute.

November 2, 7 PM PST: David Marshak – Integral Learning and SelfDesign

We will explore the origins of the concept of integral consciousness and the relationship between integral consciousness and SelfDesign.

Barbarah NicollNovember 16, 4 PM PST: Barbarah Nicoll – Evocative Listening

Does the quality of our listening affect the quality of the speaking of the person that we are listening to? What happens when we “forget ourselves” in our listening? What happens when we deeply engage with the content that the speaker is offering? We will explore these questions and see what we discover.

Barbarah is the Vice-Principal of SelfDesign High and a member of the SDGI faculty.

Michael MaserNovember 23, 7 PM PST: Michael Maser – Learning Breakthroughs Linked to Personal Empowerment

Michael will overview some recent breakthroughs from the frontiers of neuroscience, psychology and sociology that, when synthesized, provide a compelling framework for re-conceptualizing human learning and potential, for all ages. Participants will be invited to contribute their own insights on this subject and situate them in such a new framework.

Michael is a co-founder of the SelfDesign Learning Community and ongoing educator in all SelfDesign school programs. As well, Michael is a member of the SelfDesign Development Team and the SDGI faculty. His interests are in holistic learning integrating recent insights from neurobiology, psychology and sociology, as well as optimizing virtual learning environments and experiences.

Pille BunnelDecember 14, 4 PM PST: Pille Bunnell – Love and Learning

Have you encountered the statement that ?love is the only emotion that expands intelligence?? We will address this concept by exploring how both learning and love are fundamental in our human heritage. We will briefly explore the relational nature of emotions, and learning as a natural process that keeps us in relationship.

Pille is currently the Board Chair for SelfDesign Learning Foundation and a member of the SDGI faculty.

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