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October 8, 4-5 PM PDT Josette Luvmour
How Adults Grow Together with Children
Relationships with children bring change in their parents. We will discuss the kinds of relationships that bring forth positive changes in adults as parents and as educators.

Josette’s presentation will draw on her new book, Grow Together: Parenting as a Path to Well-Being, Wisdom, and Joy (https://luvmourconsulting.com/new-page/).

What is required from adults? How do children invite us to challenge our perspectives and self-knowledge? Learn about the kinds of relationships that bring forth well-being. Participants will be invited to contribute to the conversation on this topic while entertaining new perspectives.

Josette Luvmour, Ph.D. is an educator in human development and a developmental consultant specializing in child development, adult development, adult transformational learning, and sustainable family relationships. Her writing has been published in ENCOUNTER: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, Paths of Learning, Journal of Adult Development, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Parenting Matters, Family Post, Holistic Education Review, Mothering Magazine, and Naturopathic Doctor News. She is also the author of five books that focus on building positive relationships with children, including Natural Learning Rhythms: Discovering How and When Your Child Learns and Everyone Wins!: Cooperative Games and Activities (both with Ba Luvmour). Josette is a member of our faculty.
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October 15, 4-5 PM PDT David Marshak
Evolutionary Parenting
Judith Blackstone writes: “Basically we are each the vessel and the vehicle of the essential motion of evolution.” Each human being literally embodies the evolutionary potential of the species. So every parent who knows this knows that her/his parenting can make a contribution to the evolution of humanity.

In this webinar David will explore the concept of evolutionary parenting, in particular how the consciousness that parents bring to their parenting can enhance the evolution of consciousness in their children as their children grow through childhood and adolescence. You will hear stories from parents about their lives, their challenges and struggles and their accomplishments and satisfactions, their hardships and their joys. You’ll also hear some stories from their young adult children who have been nurtured by the inspiration of evolutionary parenting.

David is the founding president of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute and the author of Evolutionary Parenting.
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October 22, 4-5 PM PDT Michael Carberry
Whole Life Learning
The Whole Life Learning Center is education outside the box. Now in its 7th year, the Center serves more than 100 families in Austin, Texas. Michael will describe the Center’s model of Whole Life Learning.
“Life is interconnected, dynamic, and evolving. Though we ensure our learners can engage the constructs of living in a complex world (it takes reading, math and writing to do that), our curriculum also blends emergence: we meet each learner right where they are and develop a holistic Learning Plan, based on their inspirations, recognizing the whole child – body, mind, heart and spirit. Inherent in our philosophy is a trust that children, and humans in general, are natural learners, especially when inspiration is nurtured, when core genius is tapped. This is a surprisingly common sense, yet radically revolutionary educational model: Whole Life Learning.”
Michael is the co-founder and co-director of the Whole Life Learning Center. He earned his Master of Arts in SelfDesign degree in August.
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October 29, 4-5 PM PDT Laurel Tien
Illuminating Transformational Learning through a Transdisciplinary Methodology

Modernist/empirical approaches to teaching and learning provide one lens into a transformational learning experience. How can a transdisciplinary world view illuminate a transformational approach to teaching and learning that acknowledges contemporary threads of transpersonal, integral, holistic, contemplative, spiritual and evolutionary approaches?  In this webinar, Laurel will share her inquiry into this question.

Laurel is a Ph.D. student in the Transformative Studies program at California Institute of Integral Studies. She is on Faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a teaching and learning focused post-secondary institution located south of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is the Assistant Dean at SelfDesign Graduate Institute in Washington State. She earned her Master of Arts in SelfDesign degree in August. One of her research interests continues to be supporting learners in entering a transformational/soulful/holistic/integral learning space.

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November 12 , 4-5 PM PST Tracey Huguley
Oppression and Integral Consciousness: One Way to Move Beyond Polarization and Towards that Which is Beautiful, True, and Good!

How might we share intercultural spaces with one another as allies and utilize integral consciousness as a tool for evolving consciously in these spaces?

The shackles of oppression potentially keep many of us stuck. This webinar will expand our awareness of oppression and illuminate where we might be acting in ways that are oppressive. We will also discuss ways we can act as allies with one other in these interesting times we are living in. What is oppression? And, as Paulo Freire might ask, how can we identify the oppressor within each of us? Also, we will look at integral consciousness as one way to move beyond our differences and mature individually while assisting our culture(s) in maturing collectively. In addition, we will look at ways we can loosen oppressive practices by utilizing the principles of integral consciousness and evolutionary spirituality to better our worlds by creating and experiencing that which is beautiful, true, and good.

Tracey Huguley M.A. earned her Master Arts in SelfDesign degree in August. She is the mother of three SelfDesign learners, a Master sign language interpreter, and an educator. She comes from, and has had direct experience with, communities that are oppressed. She is the adult child of Deaf adults, and her family is multi-cultural/multi-racial. Her Master’s thesis entitled “A Heroine’s Journey As A Path Of Inquiry: The Reconciliation Of A Life Lived In An Intercultural Space Between The Deaf And The Hearing Communities” is a documentation of her personal journey of creating and experiencing that which is beautiful, good, and true and, in the end, freeing herself from some of the shackles of oppression that were keeping her stuck in the pain of her experiences. Ultimately, this journey has brought more freedom into her life and work. She enjoys sharing this process with others in hopes that we all might dwell in intercultural spaces in love and peace, while evolving consciously.

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November 19, 4-5 PM PST Elaine Decker
Making Sense with the Sense of Humour
Philosopher Martin Heidegger says we are “thrown” into the world, and then left to our own devices to make sense of that world and our place in it. This challenging hermeneutic endeavour is no joke – or is it? The word “hermeneutics” is derived from the Greek god Hermes – the messenger – hence the concern in hermeneutic philosophy for language, context, meaning and action. Hermes was also a trickster, ancestor to a long line of fools and jesters who see things otherwise. Practicing this way of seeing helps us to be wise to the other, open to another way, more comfortable with ambiguity, less fretted by surprise. Borrowing the joker’s topsy-turvy perspective, we strengthen the funny bone, embrace the contraries themselves, strengthen the imagination, consider alternatives, look again and askance, and keep a humble and hopeful stance. We grow into this peculiar form of wisdom by locating and developing our natural capacities for flexibility, imagination, and courage.
Elaine Decker has been a teacher and teacher-educator for 40 years, exploring and practicing ways to expand horizons and loosen boundaries. She teaches courses on play, comic pedagogy, and leadership as a “funny business,” and she is a member of our faculty.
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