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karen leckie

Karen Leckie

American University M.S. OD 2010
University of Toronto, B.Ed.1997
McMaster University, B.Eng. 1994
  • Main Interests: Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Emergent Growth Mediation
  • Business Development
  • Individual, Group and Organization Development

Hilary Leighton

University of Victoria, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Studies - Ecopsychology) 2014
  • Main Interests: ecopsychology
Darrell Letourneau

Darrell Letourneau

University of Victoria, M.Ed. 1999.
  • Main Interests: SelfDesign
  • Evolutionary Parenting
  • Educational change
  • eLearning
Ba Luvmour

Ba Luvmour

M.A. Psychology, Sonoma State University. 1984
Temple University, B.A., Political Science, 1968
  • Main Interests: Holistic education
  • Founding and sustaining independent K-12 schools and non- schools
  • Integrating theory and philosophy with practice within K-12 education
Josette Luvmour

Josette Luvmour

Fielding Graduate University. M.A. Human Development. 2006
Thomas Edison State College, B.A. Psychology. 2003.
Arnold Fletcher Award for exceptional achievement in academic learning, and achievement as a self-directed learner.
Undergraduate studies in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophies
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David Marshak

David Marshak

Harvard University, Ed.D. 1985.
  • Main Interests: Evolutionary Parenting
  • Evolution of Consciousness
  • Adolescent Development
Michael Maser

Michael Maser

Simon Fraser University M.A. 1997
Ph.D. candidate Simon Fraser University, 2017-
  • Main Interests: Personalized holistic learning
  • SelfDesigning
  • Neurobiology of learning
Chris Mergogliano

Chris Mercogliano

  • Main Interests: Democratically-run, free-school education
  • Founding and sustaining independent K-12 schools and non- schools

River Meyer

University of Northern Colorado, M.A. 1976
University of Minnesota, B.A. 1970
  • Main Interests: SelfDesign philosophy, methodology, and praxis
  • SelfDesign conscious parenting
  • Educational consulting with families and educators
Jennie Oliver

Jennie Oliver

Argosy University-Hawaii, D.B.A.
Argosy University-Hawaii, Ed.D.
  • Main Interests: Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Theory of Constraints, Systems thinking, Second Language Acquisition, Self-directed Learning, Cultural Competence
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