Engaging In The Thesis Journey – November 18, 2018 4 PM PST

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It is possible to ENJOY the thesis process–Discover how learners do so at SDGI!

Join two SDGI Alumni as they share about their experiences throughout their thesis journeys.

  • Learn about this mentor-rich process.
  • Ask questions about the steps of this journey.
  • Be encouraged to pursue your passions as these learners did.
  • Find out how to join this dynamic master’s program and how you can create your own degree!

Abbie Wellington will share about her thesis entitled, “A Seeing of Oneself:  Agent of Evolution in Education.”

Clarissa Tufts will discuss her thesis entitled, “Evolving Education:  Inner Work as an Integral Element of Professional Growth.”

Join us November 18th  at 4 p.m. PST to take part in this inspiring conversation.

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Abbie Wellington

Abbie has been working with people in a variety of fields, including education with preschool children and for the past ten plus years as an educational consultant with an alternative distributed learning center; and in the past working with adults as a life skills facilitator.

Not only is she a traveler in life, visiting many countries and cultures, but also a lover of life experiences, especially those that make a connection between her inner and outer worlds. As such, as one of the members of the first cohort of SDGI learners, she naturally explored her own experiences in India with Awareness through the Body and continues to, and graduated with her MA in 2017. As a life-long learner, she continues to immerse herself in learning from a very experiential perspective!

clarissa tufts

Clarissa Tufts