Learner login

Enrollment and Payments


After admission to SDGI, learners will receive login information to our Orbund Einstein college management system (“Einstein”).

Course enrollment occurs on that site and we are beginning to shift some of our financial activities there, too, for 2015.

After enrolling for your course(s), you will receive an email with the current payment plan options and methods. When you select an option and reply to that email, then an invoice will be prepared and sent back to you, showing the details of:

  • Tuition due
  • Scholarship to be applied (if any)
  • Installment fees (if any)
  • Payment schedule with amounts and due dates

Your course enrollment will be effective when at least the first payment has been received for your selected option.


Costs for books and other learning materials will vary. Learners must pay for their own transportation, room, and board expenses for the August Residency in both the first and second years of their participation in the program.

Learners must also pay for their own high speed Internet connection.

Tuition for courses offered in 2015 is $1,335.00 for each three-credit course ($445.00 per credit).

Deferred payment plans include a $10.00 per month deferred payment fee.

Specific payment information will be included with the invoice for each term. Options for payment will include:

  • U.S. and international residents may make payments
    • via the Einstein site or
    • by sending checks to SelfDesign Foundation in Bellingham, WA.
  • Canadian residents may make payments
    • via the SDLF shopping cart,
    • by sending cheques to SelfDesign Learning Foundation in Vancouver, BC, or
    • by specifying deductions to be taken from their SDLF contractor invoices

For New Learners

Refundable enrollment deposits of $250.00 may be made at:


Learners who withdraw from a program, or from the Institute entirely, are entitled to a full refund of tuition and other fees (less the amount of the Enrollment Deposit, which is $60) if withdrawal occurs on or before the last business day prior to the term?s start of classes.

A learner who withdraws from a specific course can claim a refund of all charges associated with that course. Withdrawal notification must reach the Office of the Registrar by the end of the second week of the course. No refund will be issued and no charges will be removed if the learner drops a course after the refund period; a grade of ?W? will appear on the academic transcript.

Refund dates will be posted each term on the website to assist learners in meeting necessary deadlines.

However, learners may only withdraw and receive a tuition refund from a Residency Workshop if they submit the completed Add/Drop form to the Registrar at least 15 days prior to the first day of the Residency.