Interview With Learner About Emergent Learning, Integral Leadership, and Organizational Development


” After so many years of being my own authority, I really wanted to co-create and learn in a more collaborative way”

Elan Bailey, SDGI Alumni, chats with Renee Poindexter about how she designed her own Masters degree with SelfDesign Graduate Institute. Elan Bailey explored “Integral Leadership for Sustainable Business,” mentored by Anne Adams.

Elan Bailey thrives in high-accountability, fast-paced, co-creative environments. She is skilled at cultivating heart-centered, high-performance, adaptive teams of excellence that bring out the highest and best potential in each other.

Renee Poindexter is the founder of Living the Potential Network, a collaborative of social entrepreneurs interested in designing authentic learning environments.

“The most rewarding has been the relationships, getting to connect and collaborate with my peers and with brilliant faculty from so many walks of life with such a depth of experience, and the opportunity to do a deep dive into topics and areas of my life . . . to give myself the time to explore them fully and deeply and explore connections that I didn’t know were there”


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