Embracing The Thesis Journey With Julie Robbins and Barbarah Nichol – October 14th at 10 a.m. PDT

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What Healing Is Possible When We Attend To This Very Moment?

“As in the way we attend to a calm, newborn baby – beholding her with love, awe, comfort and care, safe grounding touch and deep heartfelt presence. We listen and watch for her cues to consider what she needs and doing our best to fulfill them.”

Join in this inspiring conversation with learner, Julie Robbins, and thesis mentor, Barbarah Nichol as they discuss this thesis journey.

  • If we tune into ourselves in these moments, what do we notice?
  • What is possible when we attune to ourselves and each other – as we are, without the need to change or fix anything?
  • What do we feel? What do we hear? What do we see?
  • What do we notice about the quality of our experience in our body, our thoughts, our movements?

Imagine all the possibilities when we lean into the expressive arts to support our healing and our awakening.  As Julie and Barbarah share their explorations, you’re invited to ask questions and share your own insights.

Join us October 14th at 10 a.m. PDT.

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julie robbins

Julie Robbins

Julie joined one of SDGI’s first cohorts in 2013. Her learning is fuelled by a passion for self-authority and the possibilities that emerge when we’re present to and curious with ourselves and each other. Deeply informed through practices that engage the senses such as the arts, play, movement, sound, meditation and grounding touch, Julie’s journey has also included inquiry into experiences and impact of ‘external authority’ and ‘chronic interruption’ in contrast with self-directed, holistic and emergent learning.

In 2013, Julie moved to the north of Germany to join her husband and a team of educators to help found a democratic school – inspired by many of the concepts of the SelfDesign learning model.

barbarah nichol

Barbarah Nichol

Working in the not for profit sector with an entrepreneurial and creative impulse, Barbarah is an mentor and educator of teachers and graduate learners, and a mentor for and initiator of innovative businesses and community projects. She has started schools, developed curriculum, initiated peace and social justice projects, hosted youth exchanges and led international service learning and exchanges. Her newest venture is Ubuntu Learning, an empathy based adult learning initiative.

Barbarah’s formal education includes a Master of Integrated Arts, Waldorf High School Teacher certification, BA General Studies, Expressive Arts certification, Youth Development diploma from Grant MacEwan College, Improvisation for the Classroom – Paul Sills and The Art of Facilitation Training with Caroline Estes of the Alpha Institute.