Directed Studies at SDGI

Directed Studies at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute

At SDGI we invite learners to create and engage in Directed Studies when there is no course available that fits their next learning intention. We expect the curriculum of each directed study to evolve from conversations between the faculty mentor and the learner(s) through which both parties collaborate to construct the study in an emergent manner.

The learner leads her/his directed study

If there is a leader in this process, we expect that the leader will be the learner—but we very much value the co-inspiration that can take place in this form between the learner and the mentor.

Many directed studies are the work of one learner and one faculty mentor, but some include two or even three learners collaborating on their inquiry.

The faculty mentor supports

The amount of face-to-face meeting time between the learner and the mentor varies depending on the number of learners. As a minimum there are at least 6 meetings between the mentor and the learner(s) during the 12 week term. Meeting times and lengths are negotiated by the mentor and the learner(s). In addition there is at least one communication between the mentor and the learner(s) during each week of the term.

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