Directed Studies this Fall at SDGI

Directed Studies At the SelfDesign Graduate Institute learners have the option of participating in a directed study, the learner will direct the study with the support of a faculty member of their choice.

This Fall Semester we have the following directed studies underway:

  • Bethany Beaudry and Julie Mann are both exploring the Reggio Emilia education model, mentored by Jeanne Iorio.
  • Abbie Wellingon is exploring “Teachings on Nondual Awareness,” mentored by Mali Burgess.
  • Deb Martens is exploring “Where Do I Go from Here…with SelfDesign?” mentored by Darrell Letourneau.
  • Elan Bailey is exploring “Integral Leadership for Sustainable Business,” mentored by Anne Adams.
  • Julie Robbins is exploring “An Intentional Heuristic Approach to Learning German and Its Implications for Teaching Skills,” mentored by Jenny Oliver.
  • Sabine Maiberger is exploring Early Childhood Learning, mentored by Kate McCabe.
  • Wendy Bell is engaged in a directed study on “Course Design and Development re Sacred Geometry,” mentored by Barbarah Nicoll.
  • Colin Fox is exploring “Creating Community and Culture for Online Learning Programs through Experiential Learning,” mentored by David Marshak.
  • Tracey Huguley is engaged in a directed study focused on the writings of Buckminster Fuller- particularly as they apply to learning,? human potential and learning organizations- mentored by David Marshak.

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