Designing My Own Learning | Interview with Bethany Beaudry

“It felt like I had found my tribe, I had found the people who were like minded and that understood how I felt inside about what education should look like and feel like for everyone. I was able to design my learning program to suit what I wanted to learn and my interest in learning. The focus was on the process and understanding that my interests matter, what I wanted to put out into the world and the vision that I had for my learning community.” – Bethany Beaudry

Bethany is a masters learner with SelfDesign Graduate Institute and the founder of Inspired Explorations Learning Community, a learning community committed to the belief that all children are competent, resourceful and creative with imagination and curiosity about the world around them.

Bethany Beaudry has been a classroom and Physical Education teacher in the public school system for 10 years. Two years ago Bethany embarked on a new journey and started pursuing her Master’s degree in Post-Modern and Integral Education through Self Design Graduate Institute. She has been studying the Reggio Emilia Philosophy as well as Sound to Symbol Methodology as a focus of her Master’s work. In February 2014 she founded Funky Monkey Movement, which offers pre-schoolers and school age children a space to explore movement through song, games and exploration time.

Bethany believes that relationships build the foundation for learning new things. She believes we are all unique and learn in different ways. She is grounded in the belief that children need to know they are valued for being unique, competent, and trusted individuals.

She also believes in providing children opportunities to be physically active each day as well as to provide a space for children to learn to understand their bodies and to listen and connect to their inner selves in order to be happy and find peacefulness in all that they do.

She is excited to open Inspired Explorations Learning Community in order to give your child a unique, rich, meaningful educational experience.


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