Consumer Information Disclosure Form

A uniform website public disclosure form for Distance Education Accrediting Commission accredited institutions

General Information

Name of Institution: SelfDesign Graduate Institute (SDGI)
Address: 1807 McKenzie Avenue Bellingham, Washington 98225
Year Founded: 2011 First Accredited: Applying Accreditation Renewal: Not yet
Accreditation and Agency Email Contacts:  [email protected]
State Approval and Email Contact: Tivoli Sharp [email protected]
First authorized by Washington State government: 2011
Reauthorized: 2013, 2015
Participation in Funding Programs: No external programs, SDGI scholarships only

Mission & Description

Institution Mission Statement

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute nurtures each learner’s authoring of her/his own learning and life within a learning community, through high quality low-residency and distance education.

Real People. Real Learning. Real Results!


Areas of Special Focus

SelfDesign, Postmodern Schooling and Integral Learning, Designing Learning Community, Learning experiences and programs aligned in values with SelfDesign

Description of Institution:

Learner Demographic Profile

Learners range in age from 24 to 64. Currently the majority of learners are women. Learners live in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, China, Taiwan, and New Zealand.


Program Tuition: $1392 USD per 3 credit course; $1528 CAD per 3 credit course

Success Indicators

Graduation rate

  • 32% have graduated
  • 58% matriculating on time toward graduation
  • 7% withdrew during or after first course—online program did not work for them
  • 3% withdrew after more than one course

Percentage of learners surveyed who responded that they—

  • Achieved their learning goals: 97% (2016); 100% (2015)
  • Would recommend the institution to a friend: 100% (2016); 100% (2015)
  • Were satisfied with their studies: 97% (2016); 100% (2015)

Other Disclosure of Outcomes

None are applicable (pass rate in licensure exam; received job promotion or salary increase; acceptance at other schools; pass rates on exams; gained a new job; other indicators

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is made possible through an Agency Agreement between the SelfDesign Learning Foundation and the SelfDesign Foundation.