Clarissa Tufts Earns Her Master of Arts in SelfDesign Degree

Clarissa Tufts completed her thesis and was awarded her Master of Arts in SelfDesign degree in August. Clarissa’s thesis is entitled: EVOLVING EDUCATION: RECOGNIZING THE INTEGRALITY OF INNER WORK. Her abstract is the following:

“Educators hold a place of great honour and responsibility. As we engage in our work recognizing the value of holistic support for the learning path of others, we are served well by remembering the qualities of the learning relationships that have informed our own journey. By accessing our own observations, values and predilections we can better attune to the needs of others, including the learners, families and colleagues with whom we work. In this thesis, I explore the practices and tools available to educators in SelfDesign Learning Community as a means of deepening the concept of professional development. I also make a connection between an evolved view of professional development, arising out of an individual’s interior domain, and the evolution of an educational program.

“My intent in engaging in this exploration is to highlight elements which are vital to a quality learning experience and which are key in the transformation of the individual, the family, the culture and ultimately the educational institutions which impact our lives. My inquiry is in service of evolving an educational program wherein both individual responsibility and organizational support can facilitate the evolutionary process involved in transforming SelfDesign Learning Community into an exemplary model of integral education.

“My inquiry is an integration of personal reflections, observations of my child, reflections on conversations with other educators, and research into known scholars, thinkers and visionaries in the field of integral education. Included in my reflections are the experiences I have had as a Learning Consultant, or educator, with SelfDesign Learning Community in British Columbia, Canada. Activities which have informed my reflections are conversations, learning about practical and theoretical tools, contributing to and participating in professional development activities, exploring my own interior domain and being mentored. I include my research of acknowledged integral educators for example, the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, the founder of SelfDesign Learning Community Brent Cameron and the integral theorist Ken Wilber. Three approaches that I have introduced which offer guiding context for my reflections are appreciative inquiry (AI), spirituality and the role of inner work in our professional lives. In this thesis, I draw on the works of Brent Cameron, River Meyer, Pille Bunnell, Anne Adams, Michael Maser, David Marshak, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Steve McIntosh, Parker Palmer, John O’Donahue and others.”

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The thesis is available on request from: [email protected]

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