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The Wide Range of Directed Studies at SDGI!

Directed Studies at SDGI! Is There Ever a Place Where Learning Happens Without Human Presence? Relational Learning, Third Space The Circle of Mentoring and Learning A Learning History of a Forest-Based Nature Study at Quadra Elementary School Socially Engaged Art / Social Practice; A Performative Inquiry into the Role of Art, Artists (And Me) in […]

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Three Recent Directed Studies at SDGI

Nature Immersion—How can I immerse myself in nature, to relax, to connect and to get guidance for my life here in my community? Embracing Personal Originality and Purpose as Means to Explore Emergent Leadership—What does sharing story with community look like? How do totems and symbols guide us into knowledge and shape our actions? What […]

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Directed Studies at SDGI

Directed Studies at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute At SDGI we invite learners to create and engage in Directed Studies when there is no course available that fits their next learning intention. We expect the curriculum of each directed study to evolve from conversations between the faculty mentor and the learner(s) through which both parties collaborate […]

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