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A New Planetary Civilization

By David Marshak We live in, as Jean Houston reminds us, the most amazing time in known human history. The long, slow trek in the evolution of human consciousness over the past 190,000 years has become a sprint?and it continues to accelerate, as our communication technologies become increasingly ubiquitous, miniaturized, and cheap, at least in […]

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Learning in Community

Reflections on SelfDesigning ?Learning Community? by River Meyer Our learning program here in British Columbia is called SelfDesign Learning Community, and I realize we don?t often speak to the ?why? of the Learning Community part of that name. It?s easy to fall into thinking we?re just a somewhat disparate group of parents or learners who […]

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Rachel Kessler

Bringing Soul Into the Classroom

The late Rachael Kessler (1946-2010) wanted to bring soul into the classrooms of our schools, not only private schools but public as well. And she knew many ways that we could do this. Can we bring soul into public schools legally? Absolutely, Kessler explained, and we absolutely must do so if we want to engage […]

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Conference call for proposals

Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference

Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference September 19-21, 2014 Hosted by the School of Education at ?Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon (USA) Conference theme: Nourishing the Soul of Education Call for Proposals Within the broad framework of holistic education (e.g., J. Miller, 2007, 2010; R. Kessler, 2000), the conference will highlight a diverse and inspiring […]

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River Meyer

Reflections on SelfDesigning Happiness

The SelfDesign Learning Community, a supported-home-education program in British Columbia, was launched by Brent Cameron and his colleagues in 2002 with 100 families. In 2014, more than 2000 families from all parts of British Columbia are engaged in the program. For details go to River Meyer M.A., has worked with children and families for […]

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Directed Studies

Directed Studies at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute

At SDGI we invite learners to create and engage in Directed Studies when there is no course available that fits their next learning intention. We expect the curriculum of each directed study to evolve from conversations between the faculty mentor and the learner(s) through which both parties collaborate to construct the study in an emergent […]

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Childrens’ Integration Into Community Life: A Directed Study

Kristina Leidums created and enacted a Directed Study earlier this year as one element of her M.A. Program at SDGI. Supported by faculty mentor Carol Matusicky, she developed and engaged in the study, Childrens’ Integration into Community Life. Dr. Matusicky noted that Ms. Leidums wanted to explore ‘the web of invisible connections between child, adult […]

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Contemplation by Jacques Marit

An SDGI Learner’s Assignment in SD 501: Modes of Inquiry

Learners in the SDGI’s M.A. program begin their program at our annual August Residency, a week-long intensive exploration of SelfDesign.  They follow this experience with their first online course, SD 501: Modes of Inquiry, in the subsequent Fall Term. Right now we use as the platform for all of our online courses. SD 501: […]

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