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peter berg

Peter Berg is an SDGI Faculty Mentor

Peter’s interests: Educational leadership, holistic health, alternative schools, holistic coaching for adolescents and families, leadership coaching, adult development and learning, curriculum development, teaching strategies, literacy strategies, content area development, environmental education, charter schools. Learn more about Peter at: Peter Berg

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A learner speaks about her experience at SDGI

How to start? Wonderfully self-directed and yet with support of elders who understand true mentoring…. when to help, when to challenge, when to advise and when to wait or let me struggle. I have been able to construct interdisciplinary independent studies, learning across many fields and integrating much learning. For a new mom, I have […]

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Three Recent Directed Studies at SDGI

Three Recent Directed Studies at SDGI Nature Immersion—How can I immerse myself in nature, to relax, to connect and to get guidance for my life here in my community? Embracing Personal Originality and Purpose as Means to Explore Emergent Leadership—What does sharing story with community look like? How do totems and symbols guide us into […]

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SelfDesign offers a pathway for the evolution of consciousness

SelfDesign offers a pathway for the evolution of consciousness…by David Marshak SelfDesign offers a contemporary expression of the insights described by Aurobindo, Steiner, Montessori, and Inayat Khan a century ago. First articulated in this form by Brent Cameron, SelfDesign invites the child and teen to lead his/her own learning and unfoldment within the context of […]

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