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Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes Paper in the JOURNAL OF UNSCHOOLING AND ALTERNATIVE LEARNING

Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes her paper: Children’s Integration Into Community Life: Opportunities For Meaningful Participation And For Developing Multi-Age Relationships “The integration of children into the daily lives of their communities, and engagement with adults in productive activities and shared endeavours, are two positive elements which have been previously overlooked in discussions of alternative educational […]

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Reflections from SDGI learners

Learners describe their experience in the Masters Program at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute: “My experience of the SDGI M.A. program so far has been inspiring, enlightening, and motivating. I have been impressed by the program flexibility, and grateful for the responsiveness of program administrators who have worked with me to ensure that my own learning […]

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