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Indigenous Leadership

An Indigenous-Inspired Leadership Journey: A Path Towards Resiliency and Possibility

Erin Woodford recently completed her SelfDesign Graduate Institute program with a creative and fascinating thesis entitled An Indigenous-Inspired Leadership Journey: A Path Towards Resiliency and Possibility. This study includes qualitative research, auto-ethnography, to analyze personal leadership experiences and the process of working towards positivity rather than from negativity in life, family and work to understand […]

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Interview with SelfDesign Graduate Alumni

Interview With Learner About Emergent Learning, Integral Leadership, and Organizational Development

  ” After so many years of being my own authority, I really wanted to co-create and learn in a more collaborative way” Elan Bailey, SDGI Alumni, chats with Renee Poindexter about how she designed her own Masters degree with SelfDesign Graduate Institute. Elan Bailey explored “Integral Leadership for Sustainable Business,” mentored by Anne Adams. […]

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robert munsch

A Seeing of Oneself: Agent of Evolution in Education by Abbie Wellington

Abbie Wellington recently completed her Master’s thesis, A Seeing of Oneself: Agent of Evolution in Education, and earned her Master of Arts in SelfDesign degree from the institute. Abbie offer this abstract for her thesis: “Bang-bang-rattle-bing-bang gonna make my noise all day!” This well known phrase from Mortimer, a 1985 Robert Munsch children’s book, brings […]

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loveable parent

Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind Complete Their Final Project and Earn Their M.A. Degrees

Doree Blake and Julia Jongkind collaborated on their Master of Arts final project, planning and leading “The Loveable Parent” workshop. The workshop was offered in June and focused on: Deepen relationship alignment Uncover shared values Build meaningful connections based on values Identify family resonance (tone) and culture Uncover authentic family rituals Deepen individual self-awareness Take […]

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