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SDGI Faculty – and Learners – Join in Collaborative Studies

Where do graduate-level faculty and learners mingle together in learning adventures, sharing bold insights as well as moments of deep questioning? The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is where. I know, I’ve been a faculty member here since the inception of the SDGI in 2012, a place where I have come to relish the opportunity to learn […]

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Awareness Arising in Presence | SelfDesign Integral Principle

Brent, with River Meyer, wrote the book, SelfDesign: Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within which is available in print or digital format to explore and describe SelfDesign. Brent also completed a doctorate at the University of British Columbia in 2010, submitting a dissertation entitled SelfDesign: An Inquiry Into Authentic Learning And Co-Inspiration. Brent identified fourteen ‘integral principles’ of […]

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Photo credit: Marley Watt, learner in the SelfDesign High WildEarth program.

Integral Principle #10 – Need for Acknowledgement and Focus on Self-Awareness For Learning

Initially I observed that children learned naturally through modeling and curiosity. I also noticed other kinds of learning, including project based learning when individuals or groups decided to accomplish something and organized themselves until they accomplished the task. One of the initial discoveries in SelfDesign was how much learning was introspective, was focused really on […]

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Integral Principle #5 – Self-Initiated Learning

By Brent Cameron Learning that is initiated and generated by a learner is uniquely different than learning that is expected and directed from the outside. I have consistently observed over many years with many learners that learning that is self-initiated is not entangled with learning difficulties or learning disorders. I have observed that if children […]

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SelfDesigning is Creating or Authoring Your Own Life- Integral Principle # 12 – by Brent Cameron

Authentic learning is becoming the author or designer of your self, and selfdesigning is the theme and self-descriptor of learners in the newly named SelfDesign Learning Community. We have developed an understanding through experience to defer to the authority of the other who has more knowledge and position than we do and to give our […]

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For The Love of Learning

There are many effective ways of learning and gaining knowledge that go far beyond the traditional teaching model used in today’s classrooms. River Meyer, Clarissa Tufts, David Marshak and Monica Cochran discuss the “Many Facets of SelfDesign” in an episode of For The Love Of Learning, an online show dedicated to sharing the many voices of […]

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Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes Paper in the JOURNAL OF UNSCHOOLING AND ALTERNATIVE LEARNING

Kristina Leidums, 2015 SDGI Graduate, Publishes her paper: Children’s Integration Into Community Life: Opportunities For Meaningful Participation And For Developing Multi-Age Relationships “The integration of children into the daily lives of their communities, and engagement with adults in productive activities and shared endeavours, are two positive elements which have been previously overlooked in discussions of alternative educational […]

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The Industrial, Modernist Schooling Paradigm is the Disease; The Cure is to Evolve ‘Beyond School’

By David Marshak All of the conventional critiques of conventional schooling proffered by political leaders in the US and Canada miss the central problem with school. School as a social form embodies an industrial, modernist paradigm of culture. The conventional schools that we have today were created during the 19th century and the first two […]

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conscious business

Webinar: Conscious Business – October 25

You are invited to a free webinar! Conscious Business w/ Renee Poindexter Sunday October 25, 4PM PDT In this webinar we?will review?business from an integral perspective: to include examples of ?conscious capitalism,??the reorientation of business focused solely on the pursuit of profits to one focused on core values of integrity, serving all stakeholders to include […]

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