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SDGI Offers Scholarships to New Learners

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute offers scholarships of $3500 or $4000 to new learners. Each scholarship is distributed as $500 toward tuition for the first seven or eight courses in the program. You can find out more about the scholarships here! The Brent Cameron Memorial Scholarship ($3500) is aimed toward those with a particular interest in […]

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The First Core Course: SelfDesign Principles and Praxis

SD 500: SelfDesign-Principles and Praxis is Our First Residency Course Learners begin in SD 500 before they come to our Residency by engaging in SelfDesign Praxis, an online introduction to SelfDesign, its philosophy and its models, including the SelfDesign Mandala, the Life Spiral, Life Phases, and the Learning Paragon. The Residency takes in mid-August on […]

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planetary civilization

WEBINAR: Understanding Global Politics from the Perspective of the Evolution of Human Consciousness

WEBINAR:Understanding Global Politics from the Perspective of the Evolution of Human Consciousness with David Marshak, April 9, 4-5 PM PDT – REGISTER NOW!  We live in unique historical times, given our capacities to communicate instantaneously with people all over the Earth and to travel across continents in a matter of hours. Despite these technical innovations, we […]

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WEBINAR: The SelfDesign Foundation Certificate Program

WEBINAR: The SelfDesign Foundation’s Certificate Program, with David Marshak Sunday, April 2, 4PM PST  – REGISTER NOW!  Do you already have a Master’s degree yet you have an interest in deepening your learning through a selfdesigned pathway? The SelfDesign Foundation’s Certificate Program provides access to all of the learning resources of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. […]

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