Joyful, Emergent and Collaborative: SDGI’s Pre-Residency Weekend A Huge Success!

August 11- 12, 2018 witnessed a historic event at SDGI. This weekend served as a reunion, collaborative visioning and planning session, and a celebration for the entire SelfDesign Foundation Community. It was the perfect embodiment of SelfDesign’s commitment to powerful, co-created learning. The gathering, on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, included representatives ...

SDGI Faculty – and Learners – Join in Collaborative Studies

collaborative team of students

Where do graduate-level faculty and learners mingle together in learning adventures, sharing bold insights as well as moments of deep questioning? The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is where. I know, I’ve been a faculty member here since the inception of the SDGI in 2012, a place where I have come to relish the opportunity to learn from ...

I could not be more fulfilled or grateful for my learning experience at SDGI.

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The experience at SDGI has allowed me to connect with passionate like-minded individuals who have poured into my development as a person and academically. The staff, professors, and fellow students together have given me support and allowed for major leaps in my understanding from approaches in the classroom and learning, to neuroscience, child development, and ...


anne adams

Anne Adams California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D. 2005 Anne AdamsUniversity of Michigan, Educational Psychology, M.A. 1971 University of Michigan, Clinical Psychology, B.A. 1968 I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions both nationally and internationally for more than 30 years. I have designed, co-created, and led individual, cultural, and organizational transformation programs through integrating many ...

Mali Burgess is an SDGI Faculty Mentor


Mali Burgess, Ph.D. received her B.A. from Princeton University summa cum laude and her Ph.D. from Union Institute and University. She is a faculty member at California Institute For Human Science, Energy Medicine University, SelfDesign Graduate Institute, and educator and consultant for Iris Institute. Her research has involved cross-cultural arts and disciplines, healing and spiritual ...

Peter Berg is an SDGI Faculty Mentor

peter berg

Peter’s interests: Educational leadership, holistic health, alternative schools, holistic coaching for adolescents and families, leadership coaching, adult development and learning, curriculum development, teaching strategies, literacy strategies, content area development, environmental education, charter schools. Learn more about Peter at:

Learn Your Way! SelfDesigning the Life You Really Want

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Learn Your Way! SelfDesigning the Life You Really Want Michael Maser Michael Maser is a 24-year, award-winning educator and learning consultant, whose involvement with SelfDesign began in 1992. From 1993-1997, Michael and Wondertree founder Brent Cameron led and directed Virtual High, an award-winning, innovative program for teens in Vancouver British Columbia. In 2002, Brent, Michael and other ...

Designing My Own Learning | Interview with Bethany Beaudry


“It felt like I had found my tribe, I had found the people who were like minded and that understood how I felt inside about what education should look like and feel like for everyone. I was able to design my learning program to suit what I wanted to learn and my interest in learning. ...

Interview with Michael Carberry | Desinging A Learning Community


“In my youth I was doing what I thought I should do, doing what I thought I should do- I should do this degree because it will help me get ‘some job’ – and I realized I was moving down a track that was sending me towards ‘some job’ as opposed to truly living my ...

Interview with Colin Fox | Experiential Learning and The Outdoors


” I have an idea and SelfDesign Graduate Institute is going to help me put that into action, and I am excited about how that is going to positively affect myself and my community.” Colin Fox has been with the SelfDesign Graduate Institute for three years now working on his thesis. He is the founder of ...