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SDGI Offers Scholarships to New Learners

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute offers scholarships of $3500 or $4000 to new learners. Each scholarship is distributed as $500 toward tuition for the first seven or eight courses in the program. You can find out more about the scholarships here! The Brent Cameron Memorial Scholarship ($3500) is aimed toward those with a particular interest in […]

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The First Core Course: SelfDesign Principles and Praxis

SD 500: SelfDesign-Principles and Praxis is Our First Residency Course Learners begin in SD 500 before they come to our Residency by engaging in SelfDesign Praxis, an online introduction to SelfDesign, its philosophy and its models, including the SelfDesign Mandala, the Life Spiral, Life Phases, and the Learning Paragon. The Residency takes in mid-August on […]

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Three SDGI Learners Publish a Paper in Transformative Dialogues

Deb Martens, Laurel Tien, and Erin Woodford have published a paper in the journal Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal. The paper is entitled Intersubjective Knowing: An Innovative Model in Graduate Level Course Design. Read their paper here!  De Quincy (2000) argues that the study of consciousness within Western science and philosophy is polarized between “investigations […]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It? A Participatory Study Engaging Teacher-Student Relationships with Personally Relevant Curriculum—a thesis by Brandy McCray

Brandy McCray recently completed her thesis, which described a brilliant study of the importance of relationship between student and teacher in the high school classroom. Brandy wrote in her abstract of the study: Engaging students emotionally is paramount in academic and personal success. Emerging fields such as Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) and burgeoning programs […]

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Erin Woodford Graduates from SDGI

Erin Woodford recently completed her M.A. thesis, entitled AN INDIGENOUS-INSPIRED LEADERSHIP JOURNEY: A PATH TOWARDS RESILIENCY AND POSSIBILITY and earned her Master of Arts in SelfDesign degree. This study includes qualitative research, autoethnography, to analyze personal leadership experiences and the process of working towards positivity rather than from negativity in life, family and work to […]

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SDGI Honors Three New Graduates

We are delighted to announce that we have three new graduates from the SDGI Master of Arts in SelfDesign Program: Abbie Wellington, Erin Woodford, and Brandy McCray. Abbie Wellington completed a thesis entitled “A Seeing of Oneself: Agent of Evolution in Education.” Erin Woodford’s thesis is entitled “AN INDIGENOUS-INSPIRED LEADERSHIP JOURNEY: A PATH TOWARDS RESILIENCY […]

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integral leadership and education

Free Webinar | Integral Leadership In Business And Education

Integral Leadership In Business And Education With Anne Adams Join us this Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 4PM PDT, to explore integrality and its relationship with leadership in businesses and education. Participants will gain an introduction to integrality through an exploration of their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences, and how each intelligence influences their ability to […]

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Faculty Spotlight 1

Faculty Spotlight: Josette Luvmour and Ba Luvmour

The SelfDesign Graduate has a uniquely diverse and gifted faculty. Since our faculty mentors primarily connect with learners online, we have been able to engage faculty from every region of the US and Canada. Josette and Ba Luvmour Two of our faculty members, Josette and Ba Luvmour, live in Portland, Oregon. We are delighted that […]

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