Adults Designing Their Own Learning And Lives

At SelfDesign Graduate Institute (SDGI), directed study begins with a learner choosing a topic or issue to explore—and a faculty mentor with whom to engage in the study. The curriculum of each directed study then evolves from conversations between the learner and the faculty mentor through which both parties collaborate to construct the study in an emergent manner.

In the Fall Semester of 2015, SDGI learners created and engaged in the following unique directed studies:


  • Is There Ever a Place Where Learning Happens Without Human Presence? Relational Learning, Third Space
  • The Circle of Mentoring and Learning; A Learning History of a Forest-Based Nature Study at Quadra Elementary School
  • Socially Engaged Art / Social Practice; A Performative Inquiry into the Role of Art, Artists (And Me) in Designing Learning Communities
  • Self Praxis: What Practices Can I Explore, Use, and Adopt to Re-Integrate Myself and Maintain a State of Harmony, Balance, and Wholeness?
  • Emergent Conversations for Learning, Leadership and Life




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