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The opportunity to be part of the program has expanded my capacity to learn!

The opportunity to be part of the program has expanded my capacity to learn, my ability to dialogue and participate in meaningful conversation. It’s helping me to find tools to promote a more gentle activism towards a better world. Even being from a different country, it’s always possible to apply this new knowledge in my ...

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Join Us for the Final Cafe Conversations!

March 3

10-11 AM PST Partnership in Education…Faculty-Learner(Alumni)
Anne Adams and Clarissa Tufts
A truly integral window (360 degree)/ (panoramic view) into the Self Design Graduate Institute. A Faculty Member, Board Member, Cohort Member -Learner, Alumni and Learning Consultant bring to life the dynamic dimensions (perspectives) of SelfDesigned Learning

11:15 AM-12:15 PM PST The Creativity of Enki Education
Beth Sutton
What is Enki Education? What can it offer to your family?

March 4

11-12 AM PST Prescription for a Healthy Learning Environment
Peter Berg
This conversation will focus on the aspects of a school or learning environment that are often overlooked but are vital to the health of a school or learning environment. We will consider practical techniques to evaluate and implement changes to your school or learning environment to make it as healthy as possible.

4-5 PM PST The Art of Possibility
Renee Poindexter
‘Possibility Thinking’ means being open to the emergent, the creative, the unknown…yet. How do we learn to listen for Possibility Thinking rather than be caught up in old and familiar patterns?

Our Learners Talk About Their SDGI Experience

SelfDesign Foundation Chair, Renee Poindexter, interviews our graduates to discuss desiging their own masters program, and how they have integrated their learning into their professional lives.

We Share a Passion for Learning through Collaboration

SelfDesign is centered on the understanding that we have the capacity to author our own lives from a place of resourcefulness, creativity, and possibility.

I have created and become aware of a body of work to draw on from my thesis that is informing my life now in a personal sense and in my professional life.

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council and meets the requirements and minimum educational standards established for degree-granting institutions under the Degree-Granting Institutions Act.

SelfDesign Learning Foundation Welcome

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute (SDGI) represents the vision that Brent Cameron (founder of the SelfDesign Learning Foundation in British Columbia, Canada) had of a post-graduate education program that embodies the theory and praxis of lifelong learning through SelfDesign. It is through Brent’s vision and the partnership between the SelfDesign Learning Foundation and the SelfDesign Foundation in Washington State that SDGI has become a reality that provides inspiration and growth to SDGI graduates and to the world around them. SDGI employs the trademark “SelfDesign” through an agency agreement between the two foundations.

Amber Papou, B.Ed, MBA
Executive Director, SelfDesign Learning Foundation
(For more information about the SelfDesign Learning Foundation, see