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What Our Grads Say About Their Experience

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Work-Life Balance In The Midst Of This Season: An Alumna’s Perspective

Work-Life Balance In The Midst Of This Season:  An Alumna's Perspective

  As we’re now in the midst of the holiday season, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about work-life balance. It’s definitely a popular phrase in today’s culture. Yet, I wonder if many actually adopt such a way of living. Do you engage in work-life balance? After over twenty years of being a social worker, being ...

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Our Learners Talk About Their SDGI Experience

SelfDesign Foundation Chair, Renee Poindexter, interviews our graduates to discuss desiging their own masters program, and how they have integrated their learning into their professional lives.

We Share a Passion for Learning through Collaboration

SelfDesign is centered on the understanding that we have the capacity to author our own lives from a place of resourcefulness, creativity, and possibility.

The experience in SDGI has put me in connection with kindred spirits, lifelong learners, educational and social activists—and these are just the students! The faculty is a group of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in any educational program of which I have been a part of.

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council and meets the requirements and minimum educational standards established for degree-granting institutions under the Degree-Granting Institutions Act.

Message from the President

paul freedmanLittle did I know what would unfold back in 2008, when I introduced visionary educator, Brent Cameron, to holistic education scholar and teacher, David Marshak at a small education conference I was hosting on Orcas island, WA. That day, Brent and David began a collaboration that gave rise to this amazing model for post graduate education, The SelfDesign Graduate Institute. What a privilege it is now to have accepted the reins from David and to complete the circle as I settle into the office of SDGI President.

The caring and self-renewing community that is SDGI represents a unique and innovative approach to learning. Here is a place where you will be welcomed and gently guided to claim authorship of your own life’s journey. I am so very proud of this organization, its inspiring faculty, and all we are doing to offer personalized, relationship-based learning opportunities.

Brent wrote, and David has often repeated, “SelfDesign is about living in enthusiasm.” You may find other MA programs that pay lip service to the idea of pursuing your passions, but at SDGI we live this mandate every day. It is the very heart which pulses life throughout our programs.

SDGI operates under the oversight of the SelfDesign Foundation. We continue to enjoy a strong relationship with SDLF, Brent’s original K-12 organization in BC, Canada. For more information about SDGI and other SelfDesign Foundation programs go to

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you here.

Paul Freedman
SelfDesign Graduate Institute